Intersection Fairings

As I previously mentioned, a result of splitting the lower intersection fairings and bonding them to the wheel pants has some implications. It’s important to not allow airflow to get underneath the rear fairing half. If that were to happen, it would rip it right off the airplane. So I took some scrap material from cutting the gear leg fairings to use as a flange for the rear half. I cut about a 1″ piece and let approx. 3/8″ of a flange protrude. On a couple of the curved areas, I used a heat gun to contour it to the intersection fairing.

Flange in place

Below you can see both flanges in place and taped up so that no epoxy sticks to them.

I then laid up several layers of fiberglass cloth over the flange and attaching to the forward intersection fairing. This essentially will create a :”tab” for the flange to mate to and keep both the forward and aft sections together.

Another angle of the fiberglass layup.

Once that was cured, I separated the two halves and permanently bonded the flanges in place with flox and cabo.

Flanges bonded in place.

A couple of shots of the resultant tab that the flange sits in (prior to any trimming.)

This should provide a solid interface between the forward and aft intersection fairings at the split.

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