Tailcone support

Spent a couple hours over the weekend building a proper support for the back half of the plane. I really needed my adjustable roller seat back and support for when I’m crawling around in the back of the plane.

I’ve added access panels for getting to the step bolts if I ever have a need in the future.

I also got my COM antennas, which I plan to mount under the rear seats. More goodies….

Currently working on COM antenna doublers for the skin, access panels for the antennas, finishing conduit runs, and soundproofing under the floors prior to closing up the baggage and rear seat areas, as after that, there will no longer be access to these areas.

Tailcone and Fuselage are one!

And some other goodies have arrived.

With the help of my wife and a friend, last weekend I was able to finish riveting the tailcone to the fuselage.

I’ve also recieved my SDS dual fuel pump, filters, and pressure regulator for my fuel system.

I’m now working on the baggage area and finalizing my order of flexible brake and fuel lines with Tom over at TS Flightlines

Starting the baggage door frame