Baggage Area and Door Complete

Been making slow, but steady progress lately. Here’s a pic of the conduit and sound proofing done under the baggage floor and rear seats.

Some pics of the baggage floors down and working on the baggage bulkheads.

Been awhile since I’ve taken a picture of myself working on something… Overdue.

Starting to work on the baggage door frame.

Measuring the door hinge pins. I followed what Ed Krantz did with the baggage door hinge and making it flush to the skin. This required cutting about 1/4th of the inner part of the eyelets out in the center in order to slide the pins in from the center. The plans have the hinge proud of the skins and you slide the pin in from outside.

Measuring the pin for where to drill the retaining hole
pins cut to length and ends inserted into holes so they can’t move

Work has now started on section 35..