This blog was setup to document my build process of the Van’s RV-10 kit airplane.


The RV-10 is a 4 seat low wing plane made mostly of aluminum construction. It traditionally houses a Lycoming IO-540 engine producing 260hp. It cruises at 160-170kts (184-195 mph) on approx 11-14 gallons per hour. The ranges in fuel burn approx. match the TAS (true airspeed) range. It can also be pulled back to approx 50% power on 9 gallons per hour and still cruise at 150kts, providing great economy, when the situation dictates.

The project started in early 2016 and I hope to finish by the end of 2022. I did take approx 1 year off while we were selling our house and moving to a newly built house. So the overall build time should be in the 5.5 year timeframe.

I’m an Electrical Engineer, by trade, so building things, and completely understanding how things work is very much in my blood. Building an airplane isn’t for everyone, but I think given my engineering background, attention to detail, and decent mechanical ability, building would suit me well. It’s certainly something that has intrigued me since I started learning about it.

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