This blog was setup to document my build process of the Van’s RV-10 kit airplane.


The RV-10 is a 4 seat low wing plane made mostly of aluminum construction. It traditionally houses a Lycoming IO-540 engine producing 260hp. It cruises at 160-170kts (184-195 mph) on approx 11-14 gallons per hour. The ranges in fuel burn approx. match the TAS (true airspeed) range. It can also be pulled back to approx 50% power on 9 gallons per hour and still cruise at 150kts, providing great economy, when the situation dictates.

I currently co-own and fly a 1986 Socata Trinidad TB-21, which is currently for sale. It has similar performance to the RV-10 and I really wanted a replacement that was pretty close to equal. The Trinidad might be a tad faster at higher altitudes, due to its turbocharged engine. It really is very efficient in the mid-teens. I’ve had it up to 22 or 23,000′ before to get over some weather. That can be useful at times, but also has risks in a single, so I find myself doing it less and less. Realistically east of the Rockies, there isn’t a huge need for turbocharging for most of my missions which will lessen the expense of owning and operating the RV-10.

I’m an Electrical Engineer, by trade, so building things, and completely understanding how things work is very much in my blood. Building an airplane isn’t for everyone, but I think given my engineering background, attention to detail, and decent mechanical ability, building would suit me well. It’s certainly something that has intrigued me since I started learning about it.

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