Baggage Area and Door Complete

Been making slow, but steady progress lately. Here’s a pic of the conduit and sound proofing done under the baggage floor and rear seats.

Some pics of the baggage floors down and working on the baggage bulkheads.

Been awhile since I’ve taken a picture of myself working on something… Overdue.

Starting to work on the baggage door frame.

Measuring the door hinge pins. I followed what Ed Krantz did with the baggage door hinge and making it flush to the skin. This required cutting about 1/4th of the inner part of the eyelets out in the center in order to slide the pins in from the center. The plans have the hinge proud of the skins and you slide the pin in from outside.

Measuring the pin for where to drill the retaining hole
pins cut to length and ends inserted into holes so they can’t move

Work has now started on section 35..


More Goodies

While on vacation in Park City, UT , a number of items arrived.

Baggage door and main door locks. These will be used to lock the baggage door as well as both doors to the cabin in unison with the Planearound 180 door latch system.

VOR/LOC/GS antenna. I plan to mount this on top of the Vertical Stabilizer. Something I didn’t do while working on that originally. I figure I’ll have some time here and there to get this going while waiting for other things.

Locking fuel caps. I’ve never been a fan of the original gas cap. It seems to be very difficult to even get your fingers under the mechanism to open the cap up. These collars proseal into the existing tank opening. The only downside is the fuel opening is a little smaller as a result.

Stainless braided teflon brake line hoses.

And finally, the Andair duplex fuel selector, 6″ extension, and valve


Tailcone and Fuselage are one!

And some other goodies have arrived.

With the help of my wife and a friend, last weekend I was able to finish riveting the tailcone to the fuselage.

I’ve also recieved my SDS dual fuel pump, filters, and pressure regulator for my fuel system.

I’m now working on the baggage area and finalizing my order of flexible brake and fuel lines with Tom over at TS Flightlines

Starting the baggage door frame