Fuse and Finish kit arrive

Been a bit busy finishing some hardwood flooring in the spare bedroom as well as getting the nursery ready for our little guys arrival in early July. Plane building has suffered a little bit recently.

I’ve finished the bottom wings skins as far as I’d like for now. I’ve deburred them, but will leave the dimpling for later. I’m sure I’ll be happy to have some metal work to come back to in between all the fiberglass work coming up. I’ve started on the aileron actuation section of the plans:

I’ve fabricated the Bellcrank pushrod as well as the bellcrank to aileron pushrod and primed them. Pictures of those will be forthcoming.

In the interim, I took delivery of my Quick Build fuselage and finishing kits. These pieces account for the remaining structural pieces of the kits. All that remains after these kits are the engine (and Firewall forward kit) and the avionics. Don’t let that fool you though, there is a ton of work to do on the kits that will keep me busy for quite a long time.

Fiberglass cabin top behind the fuse
Finishing kit crate
Fuselage stand I built out of saw horses and 2×4’s with casters

Lots of stuff! Cowlings, door shells, and wheel pants. 
Front seats and cushions.

One thought on “Fuse and Finish kit arrive

  1. Gary June 5, 2017 / 12:27 pm

    It’s like Christmas! Well, no snow in this delivery picture. It’s been fun following your build and your home projects on FB. Hope Jeanine is doing well, give her a hug from Mary and I.


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