Not too many updates recently. I’m at a point where it gets harder to take meaningful pictures. So here’s a photo dump of some of the more significant updates over the last couple months

I worked on finishing up the forward tunnel by wiring the fuel pumps and getting the transponder antenna doubler installed with the help of a fellow builder. I then got the cover on and secured the throttle and prop cables and some wire bundles for the headsets in the center console.

I cut out the rear portion of the arm rest where the jacks for the rear passengers and a USB charging port.

The metal plate to cover up the hole I cut and house the jacks.

I also cut holes out in the plastic insert in the arm rest for headset jacks for front passengers.

Jacks installed.

I also installed the 2 GPS pucks on the glare shield in front of the defrost fans.

Left side of the panel area.

Lots of the panel is connected to the rest of the airplane with CPC connectors. Here, I am wiring the P1 connector which houses things like the master contactor switch, starter relay, alternator regulator connections, flap motor connections, fuel senders, door sensors, pitot heat, and boost fan for the AC.

P1 wiring complete.

Secured into place with a clamp.

Wiring like the P1 wiring will continue.. Next post will likely be when I get to the point of powering up the panel for the first time.

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