FWF Wiring

Most of my time recently has been getting all the wiring for the Firewall forward needs out through my firewall passthroughs and in a position to hook up.

This has largely been things coming from the Garmin GEA-24 and the SDS EFII ECUs.

Pilots side wires needing connection
Co-Pilots side wires needing connection.

On the co-pilots side, the main bus feed was brought from the primary alternator through a 60A ANL to the fuse blocks on the right side of the subpanel.

The left (pilots) side is mostly the GEA-24 (on the left) which has wires for cylinder head temps, exhaust gas temps, and various fuel, oil, and manifold pressure sensors.

Along with the SDS ECU box which has connections to the manifold pressure sensors, Cylinder head temps, airflow temps, wideband O2 sensor for air fuel ratio measurements, and injector power and ground wiring.

Also Coil pack wiring. This thing needs a lot of connections.

Lots of Spaghetti on the left side still to be cleaned up.

And finally, an overview picture of the panel so far.

Getting there.. little by little..

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