Ac and O2 nearly complete

A bunch of additional work on the AC and O2 Systems. Both of these are nearly complete now. I mounted the remote O2 Fill port in the cross brace near the baggage door for easy access for filling.

Remote fill port with gauge.

Below you can see the remote O2 regulator mostly plumbed and the line along the side wall going to the remote fill port.

remote O2 regulator mounted
Remote O2 regulator complete except the DB-9 electrical connector.

I spent a bunch of time looking at what to do for an air collector to combine air-conditioned air with fresh air coming from the rear NACA vents. I didn’t have a ton of space to work with somewhat due to shifting the evaporator forward for clearance to the top J stiffeners. I eventually settled on expanding the 2″ cut on the left side to an oval 3″ cut to match the fiberglass piece provided by Airflow AC. I kept the 2″ opening on the right to feed fresh air to the overhead.

3″ duct on left for feeding AC to the overhead. 2″ duct on the right for fresh air.

Below are the 99% complete pics of the evaporator and all the associated hoses. I did use an AN3 blot with some tubing as a standoff and an adel clamp near the rear of the shelf to hold the seat belt cable up so it wouldn’t fall downward and rub against the hoses.

Left side.

I ended up using a Y adapter to combine the fresh air from the left and right NACA vents through the Aerosport NACA vent controller to the overhead.

Right side with Y adapter shown to combine both left and right fresh air into a single 2″ duct.

An overhead view. of the routing. I ran a little short of 3″ tube and need to get some more to finish the right side cabin flood connection.

Finally a view from the left side showing the fresh air connections from either side to the NACA vent controller to a single 2″ duct. Here you can also see the evaporator condensation drain in place, but not riveted yet to the belly of the plane.

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