Panel has arrived

It’s really exiting to have the last major piece of the puzzle in hand.. There is still so much to finish up…, but it’s encouraging and helps me to keep grinding away towards completion.

To recap the configuration:

  • Triple Garmin 3GX touch screens
  • GTN650 IFR Navigator
  • Dual GSU25 ADAHRS
  • G5 Backup Attitude Indicator
  • GMC507 Autopilot Head
  • GMA245 Audio Panel
  • GEA24 EIS (Engine monitoring)
  • GTR20 Remote COM (COM2)
  • GTX45 Remote Transponder
  • SDS EFII Controller
  • Mountain High EDS-4ip 4 place oxygen controller. 
  • GDL-51R Remote Sirius XM receiver

A picture of the panel propped up on my table.

Pictures of the left, center, and right sections closer up.

Aerosport Switch Pod housing lighting controls.

Lower center console housing the SDS EFII controller, defrost, and Air Conditioning controls.

Stick grips came in the package as well all wired up and ready for me to connect. I went with the Infinity HOS (Hands on Stick) Military style grips. Several controls are on the stick that might otherwise be on the panel. The idea here is to have both hands on the controls and throttle during critical phases of flight; not having to move them to activate flaps, for instance.

Here’s a rundown of the button assignment:

  • High hat in the center to control roll and pitch trim.
  • A switch on the thumb side to control the flaps. This is a momentary down to advance the flaps electronically to the next “notch” and a constant up position so the flaps are raised all the way up.
  • Opposite of the flap control, there is a Take off/Go Around button. This will sequence the autopilot/GPS to the missed approach segment when needed.
  • The Red button on the thumb side is a Auto pilot disconnect/control wheel steering button.
  • And finally a frequency flip-flop button. I didn’t really know what to add to this button, but decided on this.. Some people do ident, start button, or other functions. We’ll see how useful this ends up being in practice.. Guess if doing instrument approaches etc.. I may be setting up next frequencies in the standby area ahead of time enough to just have to hit a button with my pinkie to switch when needed.. We’ll see..

And finally some pictures of all the wiring between all the components. Along with several P-Plug connectors on either side of the panel for me to connect to all the other locations in the plane. Aerotronics mounts as many of the sub components right to the panel, as you can see. This alleviates me from having to mount them on my sub panel. Of course all the wiring harnesses are also already all done for me. Including runs out to the wings for AP servos and magnetometer, along with runs to the back for AP servos and trim servos back there. Lots and lots of wiring ahead..

And finally a picture of my panel from Aerotronics all powered up and tested prior to shipment.

They have been really great to work with.

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