Finishing the hidden hinge oil door

During some down time with baffling tasks, I decided to tackle finishing off the oil door and its hidden hinge release method using a Bowden cable. I started by filling in the left side upper inlet with expanding foam to allow the baffling material in the area of the prop governor something to press against.

Initial foam fill and sand flat.

I then placed it on the plane and looked at the clearance to the governor arm. I sanded it down as a curve until I was happy with the clearance.

A test fit of the foam area

I then put the Bowden cable in place and got a rough idea of where the cable would penetrate the upper inlet ramp. I marked and drilled 2 holes on either side and then ran a 1/4″ drill bit through the foam to connect the 2 holes. I was then able to get the cable through.

Marking where the cable will go through and the rectangle is the area where the cable end will sit.
Cable in place left long on the cowl opening side.
A closer view

I then laid up 4 layers of cloth over the Bowden cable, the exposed foam to close it out, and the upper inlet ramps to better adhere them to the cowl per the Showplane’s instructions.

Fiberglass layup w/ peel ply

After curing the view of the results.. The cable is now permanently adhered to the cowl. I also cut the metal cable housing to length and bent the inner pin at 90* to get your finger on it.

A view aft to front

Then I took a quick video of how one opens the oil door. Closing is equally easy.. just hold the door down and push the pin back into position. I still do need to get some molding clay and make a small weathervane with a slot to house the cable end in the inlet area. This clay will be used as a mold to lay up fiberglass and allow it to cure.

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