Landing Gear

It took some time to wrap my brain around how the Matco brakes go together. There are instructions, but anytime you are trying to go off plans it requires reading multiple things and trying to figure out what needs to be done. Luckily there are several others that have gone before me and documented what they have done, which was extremely helpful. Once I got the basic configuration onto the wheel pant fairing bracket, I marked where the AN fitting for the brake line will be. Due to clearance issues, this area will need to be cut out and reinforced with .125″ material. Additionally the caliper needed some additional clearance, which is marked in the pic below.

Marking the cutout for the AN fitting

I then got to putting the wheels together with the tires and the tubes. This was fairly easy to do.

Main gear

I cut some spare .125″ material to fit in the area cut out for clearance and riveted it in place.

Creating clearance for AN fitting.
All 3 tires and tubes are assembled and inflated

I then enlisted the help of several family and friends for the big lift… I needed to get the plane up on a table so I could get working on the gear. The plane was a lot heavier than I expected and it took one person on either side of the plane lifting from the 2×4 inserted through the wing spar, one person at the firewall, one person on the tail and one person sliding the table underneath… So a total of 5 people to get the job done. The plane is probably 400-500 lbs, but just awkwardly nose heavy.

Up on a table and supporting the tail.

I then got the gear legs inserted, which was kind of a PITA.. I greased them with Aeroshell 22 Wheel bearing grease and hit them a bunch with a rubber mallet to get them into place. I used an angled pair of tweezers to align the holes as perfectly as I could.. Once that was done, I drilled with a 9.5mm reamer to drill a perfect hole its final size.

Getting the holes perfectly aligned
Gear bolted in place
A other angle of the bolt
View of the gear leg.

I then assembled the gear fairing and associated brake parts per plans with the addition of jack points.

Brake assembly on the gear leg. Note axle bolt is backwards here..
Brake disc in place. Ready for wheel.
Completed left side wheel

I bought this tool which I saw Dr. Mark used and suggest on his build site. It’s a very handy tool for packing your wheel bearings with grease.

Packing the wheel bearings.
Left side complete.

I decided to drill an extra hole for the cotter pin on the axle nut as opposed to obliging it out per the instructions. This worked out well

While up on the table, I got the engine mount I had previously installed, but had taken off for modifications, back installed again in prep for installing the nose gear.

Right side complete!

I prepped the nose fork and drilled the required holes for the after marked Matco axle.

Just about there!

The nose gear assembly uses 4 rubber donuts for shock absorption. Theses were put in place and bolted on as the final step to getting it on the gear.

I was then able to roll it outside and get some pics of the plane on it’s own feet.. minus the table at the back holding the tail up. Until my engine is installed, I need to protect against the tail falling down.

I needed to clean up and re-arrange the workshop.. This thing barely fits in the single stall. I will be turning it sideways soon effectively taking up 2 stalls for the duration.

Finally, a picture to put the size of this thing into perspective!

A major milestone completed!!!

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