McMaster Seals

Like many others, the bottom lip of the door was greater than 1/4″ from the inner door skin. In order to get a decent seal along that edge, I had to build up the edge. I mixed up some Epoxy with Flox and Cabo and applied it to the lip. I also had one section of the top of the left door that I sanded a little too much and needed to build it back up too. I then took some 1/4″ cardboard all wrapped with packing tape to fill the gap between the door and the lip and create the perfect gap. Any squeeze out was wiped away. I then left it overnight to cure.

Flox/Cabo mix on lower door lip
Another spot to build up.
Cardboard spacer

The end result was pretty good.

I then took a bunch of time to sand the inside portion of the lips to make sure it was as close to the 3/16″ grip width for the seal. Because the lip was pretty thin in several spots, I did decide to fill each seal with a flox/cabo mix made relatively thick and push it onto the edge of the door to create a perfect shape for the seal to adhere to. I bought 50′ of seal material, so I used one set for this step, and the other half for the final seal to be used for each door. I had just enough to do this.

The end result!

I was pretty happy with how the edge turned out. I then spent some time sanding the raised area around the perimeter of the seal that resulted and replaced the seal on both doors with new sections. Now it’s onto the door struts. Won’t need to keep holding the door up with a piece of PVC for much longer.

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