Brake Lines Complete for now

Since the last post, I’ve finished the brake line section of the plans.

I modified the brake line locations coming off of the parking valve. I had originally put both through an existing hole in the rudder pedal brace with a grommet, but it was very tight due to the firewall recess blocking about 1/4 of the hole. I was concerned with vibration causing the lines to rub together and possibly rubbing on the firewall recess. So I decided to drill 2 additional holes to support each line separately.


I then installed the remaining brake lines that run from the bottom skins near the gear leg to the tunnel bulkhead where they will attach to the lines that run to the parking valve. I also had to enlarge the system support brackets to accommodate the larger flexible lines as compared to the hard lines per plans.

Brake line under left seat
Brake line under right seat

That wraps up the brake line section until we get to section 38 and work on the rudder pedals. Now it’s onto Section 37.

Seeing I’m doing an SDS EFII fuel system and also using the flexible stainless braided telethon fuel lines, I’m not going to be following much of this section per plans. Instead I’ll be working on some things off script. One thing I need to do is to modify the fuel valve mount to work with the Andair fuel valve as the stock one isn’t correct. I started by cutting the stock bracket off, but leaving the riveted part of the bracket attached to the tunnel bulkhead with a bit of a flange for attaching my own bracket to.

I then started to fabricate my own custom bracket for the Andair valve. This will sit on top of the cut off brackets that remain on the tunnel walls and I’ll rivet the two together.

Finished product

In order to cut the center hole of that custom bracket, the current biggest unitbit I had was just shy of being able to support the diameter of the Andair valve. So I had and excuse to buy a new tool. A massive unibit!

New tool on left, previous biggest unibit I had which maxes out at 1 3/8″
This puts the size in perspective. Attached to my cordless drill.

2 thoughts on “Brake Lines Complete for now

  1. Gary September 19, 2019 / 1:01 pm

    Looking good, Adam. Could you have brought a line through each one of the existing holes?


    • adambezanson September 19, 2019 / 2:32 pm

      Possibly I suppose if I had enough slack in the line to use the aft hole. I didn’t actually check that. There are also 2 more lines that go between the rudder pedals on each side that use additional holes which I’m worried about. I need to drill them to a larger diameter to fit the AN fitting through the hole and I’m worried that they are too close together, so I may need to use that hole for one of those lines.


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