VS Repair Complete

I finally was home for a weekend and finished up the work on the VS repairs. I haven’t been home on a weekend for the last month. Progress has really slowed over this crazy summer.

Once I got the parts I ordered, I deburred, final drilled, and dimpled them as required. I also upsized the flange holes of the lower 2 ribs that attach to the spars. I buggered those holes a little when drilling the rivets out, so I upsized them with a #21 drill to take an AD5 rivet.

I feel so much better about how this came out.

5/32 (black) Clekos for the lower ribs


Upsized these holes too. Two new lower ribs installed
Redo is done! Much better!

I’ve also finished up final drilling of the elevator skins, dimpled the cover plates, stiffener, and nutplates, and disassembled the entire assembly. Now it’s time to have fun deburring everything.


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