More HS

Mostly just posting some pictures from some Horizontal Stabilizer progress. I’ve finished initial riveting of the front spar, doubler plate, and attach brackets.


Aligning the attach brackets with something straight (steel bar)


Attach Brackets Match drilled

Primed. Doubler and Attach Brackets Riveted onto Front Spar


Backside View of the above Photo

I’m now working on the tedious task of deburring the in-spar ribs and nose ribs. I really hate deburring ribs. There are so many nooks and crannies to deburr. I suppose though that if I had to make that part from scratch, that it would take a lot longer than the deburring I’m doing.

Also, while riveting the front spar, I managed to trip over my air line and pull my squeezer off of the bench onto the floor. The result was the trigger pin jammed in the on position…

  I emailed Isham, my tool vendor, and he got back to me almost immediately. It ended up being a simple fix. I removed the air swivel input, spring, and pushed the trigger pin out. Ran a reamer though the hole to get rid of any oblonging, and oiled the trigger pin back up and re-assembled. Seemed to fix the issue, and was able to use the squeezer to finish up the spar.

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