First Part Reorder

Was bound to happen sooner or later. Friday night I started fabricating the Spar attachment brackets from a piece of Aluminum Angle.

HS spar attachment bracket

The first one (left one shown here) came out fine. It seemed to take about an hour to do one of these to be accurate. Today I started out making the right one, which is basically the same, but flipped in orientation. The first mistake was cutting the “mitered” edge which starts from a width of 1 21/32″ in the front to 1 1/2″ in the rear before I had cut the bottom leg down to 1″. I ended up with a final width only 2/32″ wider in the front compared to the rear….  Second mistake happened while cutting the other leg down to 2 3/8″. I didn’t get a straight cut, and ended up with a crooked edge. At that point, I decided to scrap that part and seeing I didn’t have enough angle left to make another attempt, I’ll need to order a new one. A 12″ long piece is $9, so not too terrible.

The stock aluminum angle to make these parts from:

  Here is the good one on the left and messed up one on the right 

I was then able to get the forward spar and spar caps cut, deburred and drilled. I also deburred the spar doubler before calling it a day. 

Also the VHB tape I got on return from Amazon did the same thing as last time. So I’ve returned those rolls and ordered some from Vans. Hoping that will work so I can finish up the rudder that is on hold at the moment. 

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