A test to see if I could really do this

A fellow flying club member, and friend, is currently building an RV-12. We had got to talking RV’s at the airport one day, and he invited me over to “give it a try”. He said he had some scrap metal we could practice on.

We setup a mutually convenient time on a Sunday morning to meet at his house and get started. Instead of drilling and riveting scrap metal, he pulls out the Van’s toolbox project that he bought several years ago and never used. He looks at me and says, lets do this project!  Umm…. okay, great!

He spent a few hours with me showing me the ropes and helping out build the toolbox.


I think I was able to pick up riveting pretty quickly. Certainly some room for more practice and perfection, mostly with making sure I keep the rivet gun and bucking bar perpendicular to the rivet.

While my finished product wasn’t perfect, I certainly walked away with the impression that I could indeed do this stuff.

Thanks so much, Dave!

Some pics of his RV-12 in progress.


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