For Tom

So the fuel pressure hose (the 25″ -4 one) doesn’t have a -6 90* end on it. It’s a -4.

Also got the new under seat hoses and the new oil cooler hose. Below is a pic of the overall setup.. all finger tight.

Overall View

The return hose with the 45* on one end is perfect. The supply STR/STR is also okay, but I do have to pull it aft a bit (to the right in the picture below) in order for it to go into the outboard most systems bracket location. Was just worried that it was putting some strain on the hose by doing so, but wanted to run it by you. Everything is finger tight here in terms of connections.

Supply line in systems bracket. Arrow points to a slight strain on hose.
Picture of supply while in systems bracket.

Below are just a couple of pics for comparison when the hose isn’t being held in the outboard most systems bracket location.

Top view out of systems bracket
The view of the hose out of the systems bracket.

Maybe this is perfectly fine, but wanted to get your take.

The new oil cooler hose is also looking good!



Below are pictures from the pilots side of the plane under the seats. I’ve used the 18.75″ STR/45 hose in the forward position for the return. This connects to the lower chamber of the valve. I’ve used the 18.625″ STR/STR in the aft position for the supply. This connects to the upper chambers of the valve.

Overview of left side under seat – new hoses. Return is FWD, supply is Aft. Brakes in middle.

With fittings just finger tight, I connected the 45* fitting on the return (forward) and can’t really get the fitting at the tunnel to screw on. It’s just a tad too short.

Return hose as it sits in-line with the tunnel fitting
Another view to try to depict how the amount it’s short by.

Additionally, the supply is in the aft bracket location and I don’t have enough length to connect it to the stock location with the TCW fitting.

Attempting to pull the supply hose from Aft location towards the side skin bulkhead fitting.

I’ve tried the hoses in the opposite positions, i.e. the STR/45 hose in the aft location and STR/STR in the forward location, but I couldn’t really make those work either.

I have some -6 swivel ends that you previously sent me to mock up hose lengths. Maybe I can measure what the hose lengths should be with some vinyl tubing between the fittings??

Open to other suggestions.. One side note is that the upper hole that I drilled in the fuselage side skin in about 3/4″ round so I could fit the -6 hose end through it. Not sure I can increase it to 1″ without getting too close to the stock hole. I may have to see about modifying a TCW bushing (or asking Bob) down to 3/4″ to fit into that hole.


Original install pics below…

Right side (CO-pilots) Right of picture is Forward.

With this new setup we would move the forward hose (currently supply, but will be changing to return). to a more forward spot in front of the stock hole for the aileron push rod. Location will be as you advise, presumably what is in the SDS/EFII documentation on your site.

The aft hose would move to where the current forward hose is going, which is the stock hole location. We’d use the TCW fitting to deal with the 1″ hole in the side skin.

Another view looking out to the side skin. It’s not clear here, but the brake line (in the middle) isn’t hitting the gas line crossing under it from left to right, but it’s close. I was thinking of putting some additional spiral wrap around the lines to prevent any rubbing. With this new solution, that left-most hose moves downward where the hose on the right is the proximity issue should be gone.